Welcome to Philosophical Investigations' Wiki!

This wiki is used by PI editors to develop collaborative articles, to bring discussions further, to keep interesting things for later, and to write collectively about what PI is for.

Each page, like this one, has a verso, or "back" where the content of the page can be discussed to reach consensus, or to agree to disagree on any given page. It is found under the Page menu (top, right) : that's the Discussion page.

This wiki takes as a starting point that the essays published on PI raised questions, gave ideas about other essays, and its comments section showed that there are widely different ways to approach almost any given issue. Some editors on PI feel that too much has been left unfinished, undeveloped and lacking of information in order to get further into the discussion.

Blogs like PI are not very different in this regard from microblogs -- Facebook, Twitter, etc -- in that they train their users to get a keen sense that things are constantly evolving, changing, and to forget or neglect what has been (not) said and (not) accomplished, and that some problems are still there, unattended, simply because its structure is linear: it is based on the arrow of time. Scrolling down on PI shows an artificially bygone past. However, in actuality, there are many different time arrows, at least as many as the number of editors who themselves, may have many different interests, trains of thought, arrows of time. Which diverge and branch into new arrows.

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